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Artful Candid is a Rock trio from Denmark formed in 2016. They play solid rock infused with many different influences. Their sound is a mix of Arctic Monkeys, Twenty One Pilots and The Minds Of 99. Artful Candid delivers an intense, highly engaging and very energetic live performance.
Jakob, Kristian and William met at Vostrup, a boarding school of drama and music, in the summer of 2014. The following year they became very close friends, and that friendship would soon turn out to be the foundation of the next chapter in their lives. When the school year was over, and everyone went their separate ways, Jakob, Kristian and William agreed to continue their musical relationship, despite the physical distance between them.
They would meet every weekend to write songs, play music and hang out together for the first half of 2016. But eventually, they made the mutual decision to drop out of school, move in together, take a life-changing risk and form Artful Candid.

Kristian Plaugborg – Lead vocals, guitar.
Jakob Zülow – Lead guitar, vocals.
William Wiese Lehmann – Drums, vocals