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Christmas music
Happy to play for you! Price listed is per one 45 minute set.
Christmas music
Happy to play for you! Price listed is per one 45 minute set.
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  • Solo (45 min)
    Christmas music
  • Solo (90 min)
    Christmas Music
  • Solo (120 min)
    Christmas Music Special

1.500 DKK

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Christmas Music for YOU!

This is my Christmas profile, please read the information carefully. Thanks!



Om artisten

Good live music for the Christmas season

I play about five Christmas songs really well and you can hear them here (with my old band) so you know what you're getting (minus the band!)

I also play instrumental background music you will absolutely love. Below is the info from my regular uncovermusic profile "Boyan"

Hey there friend, I'm a Bulgarian American living in Copenhagen and loving life - I try to leave a place better than when I found it. I'm also probably one of the most experienced troubadours in this amazing country. Let me entertain you :)
I want people to have a good time listening to me play and I want them to connect with the music and feel like they belong. I have worked very hard all my life to be able to do what I do.

About me:

* I'm very easy to work with and people seem to love my work
* Berklee College of Music graduate (BAS Scholarship recipient)
* I have played with any size of band/orchestra you can think of and then some
* I have lived on three continents and I have been around the world playing music many many times
* I know a lot of music and history behind it

I believe "live" music should be honest and authentic so that is what I do - just me singing songs I love as best as I can, playing the guitar (and the kick drum with my foot) - absolutely no looping, backing tracks or any tricks and stuff like that. Everything you find here has been recorded live, during a gig. I have dedicated my life to music so to put me in musical box will be very difficult - I am not just a versatile musician, I deeply care about what I do and how it relates to the world. That basically means you will probably like what I do. A friendly reminder - live music is best when it's experienced live. Much love to you and I look forward to hearing from you,