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Luden fuldt album
Fuld gennemspilning af albummet "Lunar". Priser er fra 7.000kr.
Luden fuldt album
Fuld gennemspilning af albummet "Lunar". Priser er fra 7.000kr.
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    Luden fuldt album

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Om artisten

Luden er et dansk alternativt rockband, der de seneste 2 år har produceret deres første album "Lunar". Lunar blev kreeret som et album med masser af emotionalitet, store dynamikker, og fortællinger om livets begivenheder og dets udfordringer.

Luden is an alternative rock band, based in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Luden was established 3 years ago.
Starting from home recordings in a little garage with a laptop, some guitars and ideas. Mark and Bryan started writing the album, even though they were in desperate need of a drummer and a vocalist. As time passed by, Silas and Elisa crossed their paths, and finally established the band LUDEN. Silas elevated the music further with groundbreaking innovative drums, and compelling lyrics and vocals from Elisa.

The Luden line-up is:
- The vocalist, Elisa Linde Jørgensen
- The drummer, Silas Søndergaard
- And the guitarist, Bryan Knight & Mark Strunck

With the help from local friends and family and community, the band formed its music,
image and branding.
Everything from recording the album, shooting a music video, developing a foothold in the local music communities, experiencing ups and downs, do’s and don'ts throughout our journey on reaching the top someday.

2020 through 2021, 2 long years with Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, Luden finally pulled through and completed the recording of the album LUNAR.
Elisa contributed the album Lunar with a concept. A concept of life itself, and the events that any individual would experience in some way or the other. From one's childhood, first love to sad and tragic moments and elderliness .
The concept is greatly accompanied by emotional and dynamic instrumentals and lyrics.

Luden will produce and release more music in the future, and will be looking forward to expanding and pushing their music throughout the world, for yours and the bands enjoyment.

Stay tuned 🌘

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